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Teeth Alignment With Ceramic Braces

Orthodontic braces are the devices that used as the solution for misalignment of the teeth. Varied types of dental braces are available. Among that most demanded braces are ceramic braces. The ceramic braces contain brackets, wires and ligatures. Adults not usually prefer the traditional braces because of its appearance. So most of the adults are prefer ceramic braces. Because the ceramic braces are available in different levels of transparency. Based on that ceramic braces are categorized into two types :

1. Clear ceramic braces
2. Tooth color ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces are made of ceramic alloys. They are very transparent. Because of its transparency it has great followings. The arch wire used with clear ceramic braces is metallic wire. The elastic ring or ligature is clear or made of white metal. 


Tooth color ceramic braces

Because of the transparency of the ceramic braces, that are also available in the tooth color. So these braces are less visible from the distant view. 


Advantages of the Ceramic braces

  • They are less visible than the traditional braces.
  • It moves teeth more faster than the other braces.

Disadvantages of Ceramic braces

  • Ceramic braces are more expensive than the traditional braces.
  • Chance for stain the brackets.
  • Some time the ceramic braces are not applicable for the lower teeth.
  • Ceramic braces are harder than than enamel, so there is a chance for enamel damage.


Treatment Procedure

Treatment starts with cleaning of teeth and attach the brackets on the front surface of the teeth using the bonding glue. Then the arch wire attached to the brackets. Ligatures are used hold the brackets and wire together. The brackets apply force on teeth to move them to desired position. Arch wire also have important role in determine the alignment path of the teeth. After the completion of the treatment the patient advised to wear retainer to hold the teeth in the new position.

Cost of the ceramic braces treatment depend on the condition of the patient, type of braces and any restorative work needed before or during the braces treatment.

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