Thursday, 20 February 2014

Laser Teeth Whitening - Result Within an Instant

Stains and discolouration is a natural process that happens to almost everybody through time. The food we eat, the beverages we drink, the habits we have and even genetics make our teeth become stained and yellow making your confidence slowly disappear and turning you into somebody you never thought you would be shy and quiet.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the latest developments in home teeth whitening, and according to several reviews the use of a blue light during the whitening treatment can speed up results. In fact, what we consider as a laser light is in most cases a halogen or LED light.

Before giving your teeth the laser teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will apply gel to your teeth. The laser speeds up the teeth whitening process. Depending on the stain and discoloration of your teeth, the gel and laser may be applied on your teeth several times.

The popularity of laser teeth whitening is allowing more and more people to get whiter teeth. See your dental professional with questions and concerns about whitening your teeth using the laser method. Read more about laser teeth whitening and decide if it's the best option for you!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Immediate Load Dental Implants: Get New Teeth in a Day !!!

The latest in the field of tooth implants is the instant dental implants procedure. Also, called as immediate load teeth implants or same-day dental implants.

 While the traditional teeth replacement procedure requires multiple surgeries over the course of one year for placing the implants and implant restorations, the latest techniques of teeth implantation allow you to walk out with beautiful teeth in a couple of hours.

Also referred to as same day, one-day or single day dental implants, it is the procedure that significantly cuts short the treatment time for teeth implantation.

- quick and convenient because it reduces the number of dental visits.
- It prevents further bone loss and gum recession.
- Enables you to smile, chew, and speak immediately with clarity and confidently.
- Immediate load dental implants do not affect the adjacent teeth in any way. Hence, your own natural teeth are left untouched.
- It eliminates the need for bone grafting.
- Following the surgery, you require minimal time for recovery.

Anyone thinking of dental work to get missing or broken teeth replaced but doesn't have time to make multiple visits to the dentist, immediate or same day implants is the best option.

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