Thursday, 19 September 2013

Root Canal Treatment - The Best Way To Save A Tooth

Root canal treatment, also called root canal therapy, is a procedure used to treat problems of the inside of the tooth, or the dental pulp. It is a way to save teeth that might otherwise have to be pulled.

The most common causes of pulp damage or death are:

- A cracked tooth
- A deep cavity
- An injury to a tooth, such as a severe knock to the tooth, either recent or in        the past.

Root Canal Procedure :

 The procedure basically aims at removing all the decay in the tooth along with the infected soft tissue in the roots and then restoring the tooth with a crown.

   - Firstly, all the decay is removed

   - Access is gained to the roots by opening the tooth up

   - The roots are thoroughly cleaned by either machine driven or hand driven instruments to leave vacant root canals behind

   - These canals are then filled up and sealed with an artificial material called  gutta percha.

After the root canals are filled and sealed, the cavity in the tooth is filled with a strong filling material. This is called core build up.

If the endodontist feels that sufficient healthy tooth structure is not available to support the filling, he/she may decide to take additional support from a post that goes into one of the canals.

Root canal therapy is an excellent way to save a tooth that would otherwise die and need to be removed. City dental centre, Aurangabad offers  effective and painless root canal treatment,at affordable prices in India.

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  3. Though root canal treatment makes your tooth dead it is really helpful when it comes to chewing, biting and overall aesthetics of the mouth.

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